Property Auctions

Time 2 Learn Property Auctions & Home Buyers

Properties are often auctioned because they must be sold immediately – they may happen to be repossessed, are looking for renovation etc. Auctions can be sourced by you by speaking to local estate agents who often understand what is happening locally. Or e-mail back and we’ll direct one to one or two local to you (so please do make sure to say where you’re).

Auction Property Scotland partner with companies showing estate agents Ayrshire and have also assisted in the sale of a number of Scottish properties – if you are in London – London property auctions can assist – National run events in the south featuring well priced properties

Most auctioneers will give you basic guidance on offering and purchasing at auction. The auction purchasing procedure is very similar as the normal procedure, except that you see, order financing, do (most of) the legal paperwork and have the survey completed before rather than after command. Offer up to your own maximum sum and (if you win) the property’s yours with end in 28 days normally.

August is the most quiet time of the year in the auction business. Sellers and buyers are off on vacation – so company can wait until the fall! What this means is there are fewer auctions – about a dozen instead of the normal 60-ish.

In case a property comes up on Comove Estate Agents now, you realize it needs to sell -quick – the seller would wait for better- fall auctions attended. Fewer bidders usually means costs that are lower also.

There is still something of a ‘doom and gloom’ disposition in the property marketplace now, getting some sellers to choose what they can rather than waiting to see what occurs later in the year. Some would be buyers are holding back, and are unclear also. Yet the underlying variables for property stay positive.